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    Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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    To cater to the wealthy and aspiring in Cambodia’s Phnom Penh, HEAD Architecture designed a signature watch shop inside Cambodia’s first ever skyscraper. Vattanac Capital Tower  sets the standard for luxury in Phnom Penh.  HEAD Architecture designed an elegant storefront with a full height glass wall and skylight. Utilizing the shape of the building’s steel frame, the shop design retains as much of the natural exposure as possible, which pairs nicely with the polished parchment-colored flooring. The shop’s high sloping ceilings are offset by gently draped fabric that rises along the sloped glass. Hanging below them are a central light piece illuminating the Chopard island and a remarkable chandelier made of dozens of hanging wine glasses.

    Within Phnom Penh, Timepieces was the first shop to create an experience shop with a bar and a lounge area to extend the customer’s shopping experience and prolong their exposure to the watch brands. The bar also serves as an attraction for non-watch customers. To maximize the client’s return, the watch shop can accommodate multiple brands.